Skim Milk Powder


Our Instant SKIM milk powder:








  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Additives


Our  SUNLAC contains <= 1% milk fat only.

Its contains natural milk calcium.


How to use SUNLAC ?

SUNLAC is a highly nutritious , versatile and multi-functional food ingredient. It is ideally used as food ingredient in bakeries, confectionaries, dairies beverages and nutritional products.

SUNLAC also fortified most foods and beverages including snack foods , breakfast cereals,yogurts and other weight-loss products.

SUNLAC can also be used as cooking medium for curry dishes in the absence of coconut milk.



The high level of calcium , protein and minerals helps build and maintain strong bones, teeth and musles. These nutrients also help your body refuel , recover and rehydrate - making SUNLAC is an ideal suppliment for individuals and atheletes doing resistance training and enduring sports.


Who may consume SUNLAC ?

SUNLAC is ideally suitable for various age group especially those who wish to practise low fat diet.



Ingredient : 100% skim milk powder ( Bovine Milk )


Storage : To store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Country of Origin : New Zealand